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Reflections is Katherine’s first studio release of her original compositions for piano with various instruments. The album was recorded from August to December of 2021 at The Canterbury Music Co., with sound engineers Jeremy Darby and Julian Decorte. She was joined by Leslie Allt (flute), Amahl Arulanandam (cello), Alex Cheung (violin), Richard Moore (glockenspiel) and Aleh Remezau (oboe). Reflections is a collection of twelve pieces which are inspired from passages in the bible which speak to important aspects of the human journey. The scripture is a touch point for the heart, mind and spirit. It is my hope that as you reflect on God’s word and experience the music that this will encourage a prayerful connection to Him.





This piece for solo piano was written at a time of devastation when I experienced several deep personal betrayals from unexpected sources. A friend suggested that I read Psalm 13, and I found that it fit well with what I was feeling: “How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily?” A heavy, sorrowful mood is expressed in the minor key and the drooping contours of melodic motives. Another theme suggests some honest expression of angry feelings and self defence. Over time, as I processed the situation with the Lord, I was able to come to a place of acceptance and forgiveness. “But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.” The dust settles and a peaceful hymn emerges, even a dance-like theme.



I fell in love with the glockenspiel and piano combination listening to a brilliant cover of  Leonard Cohen’s song Show Me the Place performed by the amazing Canadian pianist and singer Laila Biali. Searching is written for piano and glockenspiel, but a pianist could play both parts easily. The music is in a minor key, and depicts a restless, anxious mental, emotional and spiritual search. It was good to write this piece as a way of giving expression to these feelings.



This piece for solo piano is about patience, steadfastness and perseverance. Many years ago, the Lord gave me an assignment to make an album of instrumental worship music. There were the usual challenges - learning technology, finding time and energy, trying something new, feeling inadequate. Then, there was a big obstacle, I seriously injured my wrist! I was accompanying a singer who was preparing for a recital and her RCM associate degree exam. As I was rushing to rehearsal, I grabbed a heavy bag of music with my right hand. Subsequently, my wrist swelled up and I felt an alarming tear. I pulled out the splint, iced up, and played these commitments, but my wrist took over three years to heal and regular playing was impossible. My wrist was prayed for, taped, splinted, injected and “physio-ed.” A surgeon discovered that I had a tear in my wrist cartilage structure. She could suture the tear, but only if I would also allow her to cut a piece of bone out of my arm and pull the shortened arm bone away from the wrist. Recovery would involve months of not using my right arm. I declined this option. Despite the pain and weakness in my wrist, I felt urged by God to complete my assignment. Each step was a challenge to my comfort zone, especially as I wasn’t sure how my wrist would hold up in rehearsal and recording. I was shaky in myself and moved forward prayerfully anyway, as an act of obedience and trust. Interestingly, each step did not turn out to be super impossible, but manageable in hindsight. It has been a life lesson about a specific aspect of God’s grace - “divine enablement.” If He assigns, he will give grace to accomplish it. You might hear these things as you listen to the music: crying out over a difficulty; forging ahead only to pause and catch your breath; moving ahead yet one more time; and ultimately peace in following through to completion.


Letting Go

This piece is written for solo piano. Sometimes things change suddenly and catch you by surprise, even shock. At these times, we can choose to be flexible and faith-filled, knowing that God is in charge of our lives and schedules and He has new and good things for us. We can let go and move ahead with Him. Different themes in the composition show this process - a soaring theme which represents the Lord carrying us “on eagles’ wings,” a steady, rhythmic theme which represents walking in faith, and a march-like theme which represents moving forward with resolve.


Singing in the Storm

This piece for flute and piano depicts a song of praise and worship during both a peaceful time and during a storm.


In the Secret Place

This piece for solo piano depicts a place of peaceful security in the presence and shelter of God. The inspiration comes from Psalm 91, a perfect psalm for the uncertain times that we are currently living in.



This piece for piano and glockenspiel depicts the joyful rhythm of life, with moments of grateful reflection on God’s faithfulness. Excerpts from the well-known hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness are interspersed throughout the composition. It is a reminder that, as His children, we can confidently expect to experience His goodness in our lives! Again, the pianist can manage both parts if your glockenspiel player is busy.


Strong In Your Love

This piece for piano represents the strength that we experience when we are filled up with the love of God. I snuck in a veiled reference to the main theme from Downton Abbey (by John Lunn) and trills that are inspired from the 3rd movement, Variation 6 of Beethoven’s Sonata in E Major, op. 109.



Trusting is a trio for piano, cello and oboe. Oboe and cello are two of my most favourite instruments, besides the piano of course. The music is meant to demonstrate both a trusting and praising heart attitude. The outer sections represent the perfect peace that we can enjoy as we fix our eyes on the Prince of Peace - Jesus. The middle section is a Hymn of Praise.



This composition for piano is set at a walking pace, walking along a narrow path with Christ. The steady left hand in eighth notes is accompaniment, but becomes almost a counter melody or duet with the melody in the right hand. The mood is gentle and peaceful as two companions walk together.


I was listening to a piece of restful music on FM 96.3 and was inspired to write this piece for piano. The main keys are D flat major and B flat minor, relative major and minor keys. The result of using all these flats is a darker, gentler feeling or affect. The main theme features serene broken octaves, the middle section has a more intense and passionate melody. As a person who is challenged by relaxing and resting, rest is a personal quest. I hope that you are able to rest and reflect as you listen to this piece.

Going Home (for Suzanne)

This piece was inspired by a talented Celtic fiddler named Suzanne. She was a teacher, an active performing musician, and life long music lover who sadly died from cancer at a young age. I wrote this piece to honour her and her talent, and also to bring comfort to her family. Another point of inspiration was the lovely and famous Ashokan Farewell by Jay Unger.


"With her CD Reflections, Toronto pianist, music teacher and composer, Katherine Ramseyer has offered a post-pandemic world much needed solace, hope and joy. Each of the gentle and soothing piano compositions is introduced in the accompanying CD notes with a passage of biblical scripture that is eloquently expressed through lyrical melodies. Instruments such as glockenspiel, flute, violin, cello, and oboe that partner with the piano in certain compositions add further emotional depth and comfort.

This CD can be enjoyed not only individually, but it also has potential as a music therapy tool in group settings, particularly in health care. The compassion and hope expressed in the compositions themselves and in the exceptional performance by the musicians, would be welcomed and therapeutic in palliative settings, longterm care homes (particularly with Alzheimer’s patients), mental health wards, neonatal intensive care units, chemotherapy wards and homeless shelters."


Aury Murray

Canadian Pianist, Music Teacher, Adjudicator, Clinician, Examiner



"Reflections is a priceless collection of instrumental scores composed and produced under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by Katherine Ramseyer.


Listening to Reflections was both divinely captivating and life-changing. I suggest you carve out uninterrupted time in order to savour the masterfully executed instrumental pieces. Reflections is perfect for an afternoon of Christian meditation. It could alternatively be enjoyed over twelve days, as part of your devotional time with Jesus, in which you listen to one selection per day.


Each anointed piece took me on a unique and intimate journey with my Heavenly Father. Through the music, He reached that part of me which was exhausted and over-burdened. I was then able to release my exhaustion and burdens to Him. Through the music, I heard my Father speak many words of love and affirmation to me. Through the music I came away with greater spiritual freedom in Christ. Through the music, I was filled in a fresh way with the Holy Spirit. You will be delighted and rejuvenated as you journey through Reflections!"


Hilary Dalton

Minister and Mentor

Complete in Christ Ministries

"Reflections is a beautiful collection of instrumental music that allows the listener to contemplate their place in the world while exploring their innermost spirituality."


Frank Horvat

Composer and Pianist


November 30, 2021

My name is Mihai and I've started playing piano for a bit more than a year when the covid pandemic started. I like exploring all kinds of piano music on YouTube and I came across your  composition called Rest which is absolutely beautiful, I fell in love at the first hearing. It's so enchanting that I cannot resist a day without listening to it. Although I'm a beginner, I would like to give it a try and learn the piece. I was wondering if there is any chance that I can get or buy the music score for the piece? I would really appreciate it (and my wife even more after I would learn it).


November 13, 2022

After almost a year since I heard this fantastic piece, I finally mustered up some courage to record it. It took me some time to learn it, and I’ve been hesitating because I’ve never felt ready for it (and also because I’m a beginner, now I have 2.5 years of practice). But you’re never ready, so here is the best I can do for the moment (I will always keep it in my repertory and practice it). My wife absolutely loves this piece.

-Mihai Lacatus



Physical CD(s)

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Digital Album Download - MP3 or .wav files

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Sheet Music - PDFs

$10 for each score (link will be provided to download)


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Solo piano

Piano with instruments - glockenspiel, flute, oboe & cello, violin






Leslie Allt (flute)

Amahl Arulanandam (cello)

Alex Cheung (violin)

Richard Moore (glockenspiel)

Katherine Ramseyer (piano)

Aleh Remezau (oboe)



Katherine Ramseyer 



The Canterbury Music Co. by Jeremy Darby & Julian Decorte

August-December 2021



Peter Letros



Alex Neary, Jeremy Sale



Dec 1, 2022

Please note: MP3, .wav files and Sheet Music will be sent to you directly from the artist via a link to download.


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